Kenosha Racine Music Teachers Association

Professional individualized music lessons for all ages.

Spring Auditions

Rules and procedures for this event are significantly changed for 2021 due to COVID and will be a virtual event. The following information is how the event is usually administered. Please contact a member of KRMTA for rules and procedures during COVID.


The annual Spring Audition event is an opportunity for students from grades 1-12 to play pieces for an adjudicator and receive written comments for the students. The students also take musicianship tests. Points are earned to win incentive awards.

Students in grades 4-12 are also able to play competitively. Those who earn enough points are invited to compete in the Badger Auditions held May.

Spring Auditions are open to students whose teachers are members of the Wisconsin Music Teachers Association (WMTA) and is sponsored the Kenosha Racine Music Teachers Association.  Please see the complete guidelines at the Wisconsin Music Teachers Association website.

Badger Auditions

Piano students who qualify competitively at Spring Auditions  may go on to state auditions known as Badger Auditions and are adjudicated in a May competition. State-wide winners are chosen at Badger Auditions in two parts of Wisconsin. The event is sponsored by WMTA.