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KRMTA Competition

The KRMTA Competition was held as a virtual, non-competitive concert in 2021, due to COVID.


Normally, the KRMTA Competition is is a bi-annual competition held in January, in the alternate years of the Chopin Competition. Students compete with memorized selections in either the Junior (grades 6-8) or Senior (grades 9-12) Division. Students of Kenosha Racine Music Teachers Association members are eligible to enter, as well as students of other Racine and Kenosha County teachers.

The KRMTA Piano Competition (formerly the RMTA Piano Competition) has been held either annually or biannually since 1985. Each competition focuses on a revolving stylistic period of music (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary).

Students in the Junior division play a memorized selection from the selected period that is from 2-5 minutes. Senior division students play a memorized selection that is between 3-8 minutes. In some cases this will include 2 selections, if the pieces are shorter than the minimum length.  All performers receive a certificate and a written evaluation.  Winners receive monetary prizes, a commemorative medal, and are invited to perform in an honors recital at a later date. 

The 2021 Competition will feature composers from the Impressionistic and Contemporary (20th & 21st Centuries) Periods.